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I loved it, my only complaint is that you want me to believe someone took a check as a form of ebay payment.

I don't care how long that took, it was worth the wait. That was so awesome, thank you Harry.

That was absolutely beautiful. Gems like this are exactly what keep me coming back to Newgrounds. The animation was blended flawlessly into the stop action, everything was crisp and smooth, and everything was held together by the music. The whole piece was surreal and bizarre, but added up to a wonderful experience. Thanks for producing this and sharing it with Newgrounds, that was amazing.

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Very good.

The Secret Bonus was awesome, haven't seen on of those in a while. I'm pretty sure Squilly is supposed to be a squirrel, but at the end he reminded me a lot of the dancing gopher from Caddyshack. Thanks for making this, gave me a good laugh.

DjSonicx responds:

LOL, that made me laugh as well X3
I've just watched the "caddyshack" trailer (wondering what where you talking about...) , and suddenly, I see a dancing squirrel X3, didn't see that one coming :P

Did I win?

I had just finished stage 9 (I think) when the game froze up. If the extra life tokens that went all the way across the screen are any indication, I probably could have gone on quite a bit longer. It was fun, hectic and well paced. I would have liked to have a shield indicator other than a blinking ship to know when I was in danger of going kaboom, and a pixel death counter during the level would be nice. Fun game all in all, thank you for your efforts. Well done sir.

Good game.

The one issue that I found most difficult was buying stuff. It didn't matter if it was resource trading, training troops, or producing lumber mills and pig farms, it takes forever to purchase anything. A "buy 'x'" option would make this game one heck of a lot better. There were several other small issues that were minor annoyances but overall a fantastic game. Try not to sell yourself short, I really enjoyed playing this. Thanks for making this game and I hope to see more from you in the future.

I enjoy poetry, long walks on the beach, and poking dead things with a stick.

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